HELP ME! ♦ Unidentified photos


If you recognize anybody, please note the pic number and email me with your information to jacques at uwm dot edu

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De Villiers
Ouma de Villiers in the middle, with Roccoline and Matilda behind her. Charl du Plessis below Ouma. Matilda's husband between Roccoline and Ouma. Cora and Jan Aucamp behind Matilda. The others?? Old man bottom left? Other three ladies to the right? Girl next to Roccoline?

De Villiers
Who is this lady?

De Villiers
This is Roccoline - who are the men?

De Villiers
Who is this? Filia's husband?

De Villiers
Who is this couple? Filia?

De Villiers
Please help identify these people

De Villiers
This is Ouma de Villiers. Who is the man and woman with her?

De Villiers
Matilda and Roccoline in the middle front. Is it Rocco seated to the left with the three children? Behind Matilda is her parents. Others??

De Villiers
Who is this man?

De Villiers
Is this maybe Francina (John's wife) and John and Erica?

De Villiers
Who is this couple?

De Villiers
Charl and Roccoline to the left. Who are the two sisters in the front? Who is the couple next to Ouma de Villiers? Is the boy, John? Who is the sister to the right?

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Last update: April 2023